I started my programming career as a JAVA programmer in 2000 always searching for the right framework for doing web applications, until i finally discovered Ruby on Rails in 2006. I've been working with Rails professionally since then on several projects including:

Central Administration Framework for Unwire

Unwire has many subsystems with individual frontends that we have brought together in a shared central admin framework using CAS as a single sign on platform.

I've been pushing Rails inside Unwire and finally convinced them after prototyping this project using Rails.


What started as a fun little side project has slowly grown into a very capable podcasting platform. Taking full advantage of Amazons EC2, SQS and S3 this platform is very scalable.

I have created this project from the ground up to feature media file upload and analysis, fully parallel media file transcoding, full RSS feed generation, statistics and hosting.

Go check it out at podcastmachine.com

Online Work Profiles

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